FEHGRA shares its ideas on the rational use of energy with the UNWTO Knowledge Network

08 Feb 11

FEHGRA (Federación Empresaria Hotelera Gastronómica de la República Argentina) is an organization aiming to promote a continuous improvement in the sustainable management of tourism-related business in Argentina. The institution has been an active member of the UNWTO Knowledge Network since its inception in September 2010.

With its Manual de Uso Racional de Energía, FEHGRA aims to increase people’s awareness regarding the issue of energy sustainability and hopes to get other UNWTO Knowledge Network members concerned with this matter.
Committed to reducing the environmental degradation in Argentina and the world, FEHGRA offers recommendations to the hospitality sector on steps to follow to create a “greener” tourism activity.This volume is divided in 11 chapters, among whichfigures: recommendations on how to effectively manage energy, including heating, air conditioning and lighting; recommendations on how to prepare and conserve food efficiently; advice on rational use of energy in buildings (architectural aspects) and renewable energies.

This manual will without a doubt be a useful tool for any establishments in the tourism sector to promote change in consumer habits, while at the same time help them to effectively reduce cost.

Please find a link below to download FEHGRA’s Manual de Uso Racional de Energía (the manual is currently only available in Spanish). 

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