UNWTO Conference on Talent Development and Education in Tourism


1 December 2015 - 2 December 2015

University of Deusto


The UNWTO Conference on Talent Development and Education in Tourism, organized in collaboration with the University of Deusto, took take place on 1-2 December 2015 in Bilbao, Spain. 


Part I: UNWTO Knowledge Network Meeting – Europe Chapter

UNWTO Knowledge Network meeting, Europe Chapter is to exchange ideas on the future work plan of the Network, with a special focus on the European tourism studies and research, and its strategic direction for the way-forward. It will also facilitate the linkages between the Knowledge Network and UNWTO research priorities and to share opinions to narrow the gap between research supply and demand.

It aims to enhance the value of being part of an active network of knowledge by creating tangible opportunities to build relationships within the Knowledge Network community as well as the UNWTO Member States and the Affiliate Members.

Part II: UNWTO Conference on Talent Development and Education in Tourism

The UNWTO Conference is a unique platform to build and strengthen strategic knowledge management and the application of competitive and sustainable tourism development theory in core areas. The Conference aims to foster dialogue and share “good practices” in innovative tourism education and research which enhance tourism practices both in public and private sectors and contribute to the human resource development nurturing future leaders in tourism.


Contact details

UNWTO Knowledge Network: innova@unwto.org