Scholarship Opportunity: Master of International Hospitality and Tourism Management, City University of Macau


16 June 2014 - 24 June 2014


In line with the UNWTO Knowledge Network Talent Development Platform to support young talents in the tourism sector through internships, knowledge transfer and research, and TedQual´s objectives to increase student’s mobility worldwide, the Knowledge Network issued in June a call for applications for graduate level scholarships sponsored by the City University of Macau.

Scholarship Description

The City University of Macau offered full tuition scholarships for its Master of International Hospitality and Tourism Management, a TedQual certified programme. Scholarships were available for candidates from African countries who hold an accredited bachelor degree. The scholarships were offered exclusively for institutions part of the UNWTO Affiliate Member, Knowledge Network institution or TedQual certified programme.

Scholarship Recipients

Three outstanding tourism students from African UNWTO Affiliate Members and Knowledge Network Institutions were awarded full-tuition scholarships. At the welcome lunch,Vice Rector, Prof. Aliana Leong,  advised the new students to “learn how to learn” and to use Macau to broaden both their horizons and their minds. She also encouraged the students to learn from both the industry and the classroom in order to create a solid foundation for their future careers.

Kessy Chirwa-Simwaka, from Zambia, was one of the lucky students who received a full-tuition scholarship. Her experience at City University of Macau so far has been one of  experiential learning and inspiration for the future:

“Being a UNWTO Knowledge Network Talent Development Platform scholarship recipient is a reminder that hard work and focus can lead to achieving goals through life changing opportunities. This is an opportunity to follow a profession I am passionate about to levels I have never imagined. Through the interactions and professional knowledge transfer at City University of Macau, I am inspired to reach the heights that my professors have reached and beyond, with the aim of one day filling the gap in my country: Zambia.  I gaining the tools to become a university professor in the future and contribute to the tourism and hospitality sector. My exposure to the diverse culture and thriving tourism sector of Macau is an example of what others can implement elsewhere successfully through the correct understanding and appreciation of tourism.”

Kessy Chirwa-Simwaka

UNWTO Knowledge Network Scholarship Recipients at the City University of Macau


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