Activity overview:

The main objective of the University of Valencia is to promote a context for research with a high academic level, developing opportunities for young researchers and creating an atmosphere of scientific co-operation among the university professors in their research activities, all in the spirit of a non-profit making organisation.
There are different lines of research, where multidisciplinary groups undertake various types of projects financed by international and national public or private funds. The current lines of research are: Tourism research; Marketing research; Environmental research; International Trade; International Accounting; Transport and logistics; Macroeconomics; Mathematical modelling.

Specializations, Areas & Projects:

UV´s expertise in the field of Tourism research is proved by a large number of different research international and national projects. The main areas within the Tourism research line are: sustainable Tourism development, international cooperation, Tourism marketing, Tourism training policies and vocational training, new information and communication strategies for the tourism sector.

Strategic vision:

The mission is to provide a public service, seeking to respond to the demand for applied research from both public and private sectors. The main activities encompass projects linked to institutional and managerial initiatives, which offer an analytical and methodological approach in line with the principles and objectives of academic excellence.

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Sr. Guillermo Palao Moreno

Ms. Aurora Pedro Bueno

Sra. Da. Mª Vicenta Mestre Escrivá