Activity overview: Tourism & Leisure comprises a team of expert professional consultants who provide high-quality specialist advisory services, right across the tourism and leisure sectors.Key capabilities: Leading international business and strategy advisory firm More than 400 clients, 4 offices in Europe, 2 in America and 1 in the Middle East Specialising in the tourism, leisure, entertainment and sport industries Founded in 1999 in Barcelona, Tourism & Leisure is part of the EuroPraxis Consulting and the Indra group (IBEX 35) By combining global vision with local insight, industry expertise and management know-how, T&L has gained the respect and loyalty of its clients In our customised approach, we bring together deep insights into the dynamics of companies with close collaboration at all levels of the client organisation This ensures that our clients achieve sustainable competitive advantage, build more capable organisations, and secure lasting results

Specializations, Areas & Projects: Destinations: tourism development, destination marketing, sustainability, quality, tourism governance and management. Corporate and business strategy: hotels, entertainment, sports and events, travel organizations and airlines. Real Estate: single/mixed use and leisure retail

Strategic vision: As a strategy and management consultancy firm specialized in tourism, our vision is to help our clients – public institutions and private companies – to achieve their goals. These cannot be achieved without getting and sharing internal and external knowledge and without innovating constantly to address the challenging issues of our sector. Knowledge is the basis of our existence and our value.

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Mr. Christophe de Bruyn

Mr. Erik Johansson Echaide