The brief history of the higher educational institution


Azerbaijan Tourism and Management University (ATMU, till 2015 has activated under the title of Azerbaijan Tourism Institute “ATİ”) was founded accordingly to  925 decree of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan dated August 25, 2005 and decision №45 of the Cabinet if Ministers of the Republic of Azerbaijan dated February 13.  Representing a research and training center ATMU is a sole higher educational institution oriented to tourism. The major goal of the foundation of the institute is to provide highly-qualified cadres for tourism sector of the country as a part of non-oil sector development strategy.  ATMU started functioning in 2006 with 200 students, one faculty, 3 specializations and 2 chairs. ATMU is also stands out as the institution which totally applies European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) and multy-point assessment system. The education process in ATMU is being realized on the part of 3 faculties, 9 chairs. At present 1708 students study at Bachelor level in 11 specialization, 138 students at Master level in 19 specializations and 39 students at doctorate level. 


Ms. Sadagat Turabova

Orkhan Musa