The Republic of North Macedonia

Activity Overview: Education, investment, project management, HR, entrepreneurship, public relations, banking, insurance, custom police, forwarding, tourism and hospitality management, strategic projects, postgraduate studies, long term economic development.

Specializations, areas and projects: Improvement of the tourism industry by exploring the "shadow" sustainable development.
Egalization of the international regional supremation impacted by the high developed countries.

Strategic Vision: Creating, providing and maintaining high quality in education, nourishing and promoting tradition, educating leaders who are able to face the challenges in their professional careers in the filed of travel and tourism, public relations, entrepreneurial management, marketing, management, economics, human resources management and sports tourism. In this way we create leaders who by complete engagement in the organizations where they work contribute in the advancement of the society in general.

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Mr. Sasko Gramatnikovski

Dr. Ace Milenkovski