Knowledge Network Research Initiatives

Facilitating research that links theory and practice is at the core of UNWTO Knowledge Network´s mission.

Knowledge Network research initiatives deliver more than publications on particular topics, it is part of a comprehensive system to build awareness, nurture partnerships and foster innovation in tourism

All research activities actively engage the organizations and institutions part of the UNWTO Knowledge Network to address knowledge gaps and needs in the framework of UNWTO´s Programme of Work.

Knowledge Network: Bridging Theory and Practice through Research

KN Review Series: presents original papers studying pressing tourism issues of global or regional importance. Papers are based on thorough research that helps provide practical recommendations for tourism stakeholders.

KN Working Groups: multi-stakeholders working groups led by the Knowledge Network working on specific knowledge creation and application initiatives.

Research on Demand: Knowledge Network organizations, destinations, enterprises and any tourism stakeholder committed to sustainable tourism, innovation and research are invited to explore opportunities to partner with the Knowledge Network. 

Stay up to date with the KN Community: explore what other Knowledge Network organizations and institutions are working on tourism knowledge and innovation through the Knowledge Network site for research and events.