Knowledge Network Working Groups

Knowledge Network Working Groups: Facilitating Knowledge Creation and Application

Knowledge Network Working Groups are multidisciplinary teams of Knowledge Network organizations and institutions, and UNWTO Partners with common interests in a topic or issue. Members leverage their extensive practical and research experiences as well as UNWTO´s international reach to positively advocate for tourism policy that is in line with UNWTO´s principles while assisting tourism stakeholders to cretate and disseminate knowledge on regional tourism issues.

Outcomes of Knowledge Network Working Groups will usually be twofold:

1. To develop action based documents that reflect on the conclusion of the working group and provide recommendations to help solve a particular issue (e.g. build a methodology to address a tourism issues, provide concrete recommendations and action plans to deal with a regional tourism issue, propose a fully-fledged project),

2. Knowledge Network Working Groups will have an advocacy component by raising awareness on key tourism needs, and by fostering stakeholder collaboration among working groups members and external partners.

How to be part of a Knowledge Network Working Group

The Knowledge Network has established several ways to allow Knowledge Network organizations to be part of a working group or to propose the creation of one:

  1. As a result of a Knowledge Network research initiative: the most actionable way to create a working group is by further developing research facilitated by the Knowledge Network. This kind of working group will have strong foundational research and will be mainly focused in developing ways to put such knowledge into practice.
  2. Knowledge Network Community initiative: organizations part of Knowledge Network and UNWTO Partners can propose the formation of a working group to address a specific tourism issues. Knowledge Network will work together with the initiating parties to draft a concept paper, call for matching institutions and define concrete outcomes.
  3. Call for Nominations:  Following Knowledge Network´s initiatives and UNWTO´s Programme of Work, Knowledge Network could issue an open call for working groups for specific topics. When open, nominations will be distributed within the Knowledge Network Community. 

Why choose to be part of a KN Working Group?

As an inclusive community of knowledge where knowledge generators, policy makers and practitioners meet to promote tourism knowledge and innovation, there are key benefits of becoming part on a KN working group:

  • Opportunities to learn from and build partnerships within the Knowledge Network Community, and UNWTO Members States and Affiliate Members
  • Opportunities for publications within Knowledge Network communication and research outlets
  • Transparent and orderly process in the creation and development of the working group activities
  • UNWTO´s external validation of the importance of the issues
  • Impartial facilitation as well as technical and administrative support by Knowledge Network
  • Possibility to access UNWTO knowledge resources
  • Dissemination of outcomes at UNWTO events with global outreach

Share your research interests and needs

If you would like to discuss opportunities to join an existing Knowledge Network Working Group or the possible creation of a Knowledge Network Working Group, please contact us at For further information please go to the KN Working Group Guidelines

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