Knowledge Network Review Series

Knowledge Network Review Series: Solutions based Research

The Knowledge Network Review Series will present research-based papers that investigate tourism issues in a practical way and provide recommendations for decision makers.

The papers are a collaborative effort of renowned Knowledge Network institutions that address critical aspects in their region or area of expertise.  The main purpose of the series is to provide a thorough analysis and tangible recommendations of practical subject matters that are on the forefront of policy makers and industry leaders’ discussions.

The Knowledge Network Review Series are the main applied sciences exercise of the Knowledge Network Community and its result can take form of a publication, report, case study analysis, and guidelines for decision makers, etc.

How to get involved?

All organizations part of the Knowledge Network are encouraged to participate in the production of Knowledge Network Reviews. The Knowledge Network Community has several ways get involved:

  1. Propose a tourism issues that you wish to research, and lead a Knowledge Network Working Group
  2. Link research capabilities and experience with institutions part of the Knowledge Network and join a Knowledge Network Working Group
  3. Suggest your idea!

Research that Matters: designed for academia and practitioners

The Knowledge Network Review Series are more than academic papers, reports and case studies. There are several reasons that make a KN Review a publication based on solid research with a practical focus:

Research that drives change: as a unique feature, UNWTO is able to link Knowledge Network Review Series with policy makers and industry leaders including government authorities of 164 states and territories as well as more than 450 private tourism stakeholders part of the Affiliate Members Programme.

Issues that matter: topics are carefully selected by Knowledge Network based on priorities of Members States and Affiliate Members, which are then matched with the available capabilities and resources of the Knowledge Network Community

Based on research: papers require a considerable amount of research to be considered for the series. Papers disseminate knowledge with relevant literature review, create knowledge through original research, and invite decision makers to apply research.

Multi-stakeholder collaboration: papers are a result of a joint effort of several stakeholders that work under consensus standards of Knowledge Network Working Groups.

Peer review process: to achieve academic excellence and applicable outputs, Knowledge Network Review Series are carefully reviewed by a panel of peer-reviewers including industry experts, research scholars, UNWTO officials.

Ongoing KN Reviews

The Knowledge Network is currently developing the first edition of the Knowledge Network Review Series as a result of a Knowledge Network Working Group. The first edition will soon be published and presented in high level meetings and conferences. Other Knowledge Network Reviews are under development and will be announced soon.

Knowledge Network Review I:

Title: Issues Arising from the Rapid Growth of Tourists from China to Hong Kong, China between 2002 and 2013.

Authors: Bruce Prideaux, James Cook University  & Tony Tse, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Partners: James Cook University, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, The Government of the Hong Kong SAR, Hong Kong Hotels Association, Hong Kong Tourism Board, Swire Travel Ltd.

Featured Presentation:

  1. Regional Meeting of UNWTO´s Asia and the Pacific Regional Commission, 18 May 2014, Legazpi, Philippines

Download Prof. Prideaux presentation at the 26th CAP-CSA Joint Commision Meeting here.


Do you have an idea for a Knowledge Network Review?

If you would like to suggest an idea to be considered for a future edition of a Knowledge Network Review, please follow this link to submit your idea. All destinations, scholars, enterprises as well as the Knowledge Network Community are welcomed to submit an idea for review. If you wish to join forces with the Knowledge Network contact us at:

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