Become a Sponsor

UNWTO Member States, UNWTO Affiliate Members, and UNWTO Partners are highly encouraged to share internship and scholarship opportunities through the Knowledge Network Talent Development Platform. Besides having an individual site dedicated to the information about your internship or scholarship, the Knowledge Network can do targeted outreach through its direct communication channels to ensure that your institutions receives applications from highly qualified candidates.

How to engage with the Talent Development Platform?

For Educational Institutions

  • Share announcements: When internship and scholarship are announced, the Knowledge Network will feature them on the monthly K-Focus Alert and customized e-mailing. Feel free to share these announcements with your students so that they can take advantage of these opportunities!
  • Share scholarship or internships: If you are looking for strong candidates for scholarships or internships within you institution, let us know and we can share the announcement with our Affiliate Members.
  • Develop a joint scholarship or internship: work with the Knowledge Network to develop a joint scholarship or internship. The joint initiative could have a regional or thematic focus addressing key objectives of your institution. The Knowledge Network can provide advice in the development phase and target potential candidates. Contact us to start working together.
  • Participate in research on Talent Development: Research is the main core of the Knowledge Network, if you have a particular research interest related to Talent Development contact us to discuss potential collaboration including a KN Review or a KN Working Group

For UNWTO Members and other Intern Receiving Organizations

  • Develop joint internship opportunities: if you are looking for qualified interns in the tourism sector let us know of your needs and available posts and we can advise on key factors for developing internship programmes and assist you in reaching out to qualified candidates. Review the Platform guidelines to start developing a joint initiative.
  • Share your internship opportunities: If you have an internship programme and are looking to expand your network of qualified candidates, we can share it through the Knowledge Network Talent Development Platform. Review the Platform guidelines to help us promote career-changing internships.

For Donors

  • Sponsor a scholarship: if you are looking to give-back and make an impact in the sector by supporting young talent, contact us to jointly develop a fund for scholarships in our Affiliate Member educational institutions. The scholarships can be targeted to your organization’s specific field study or region.

Please contact us at to start sharing your internships or scholarships within the Knowledge Network Community and develop a specific collaboration that suites your organization’s objectives.