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UNWTO Algarve Forum sets a consensus for tourism strategies


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09 Jun 11

While tourism has enormous potential to contribute to development, it can only do so with adequate governance systems which empower people and communities – this was one of the main messages emerging from the UNWTO Algarve Forum (1-3 June, Vilamoura, Portugal). The Forum – intended to bridge theory and practice in tourism as an instrument for development and good governance – convened over 300 representatives from the private and public sector who were joined by prestigious academics to conclude several months of on-line discussion and establish a consensus on tourism strategies for the next decade and beyond.


UNWTO Algarve Forum: last chance to submit your paper!

April 2011

The UNWTO Forum on Tourism and Science: Bridging theory and practice invites all the Knowledge Network members and any individual with research and know-how expertise to submit papers for presentation at the Forum on 1-3 June in Vilamoura (Portugal).

The research and technical papers to be submitted must be in relation with the three main issues to be tackled at the Forum:
A. Development and Competitiveness
B. Climate Change and Sustainability
C. Governance and Tourism Policy

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Staying in Algarve

Participants are requested to make their own travel arrangements, including hotel booking (quoting the registration number for special Forum rates). Rooms at special Forum rates are available to participants at the following hotels.

Organising Committee


University of Algarve

Prof. Efigénio Rebelo

Social Programme

DAY 3, 3rd of June, 15:00

Social programme “Algarve, on the way of Portuguese Discoveries”



On behalf of UNWTO and the University of Algarve, we would like to welcome all members of UNWTO and other participants to the Forum Tourism and Science: Bridging theory and practice, to be held in Vilamoura, Algarve, Portugal, on 1-3 June 2011.

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ADEAC (Asociación de Educación Ambiental y del Consumador) Spain

AECIT (Asociación Española de Expertos Científicos en Turismo) Spain

AEI Cluster Turismo de Extremadura   Spain

Aleksandër Moisiu University of Durrës  Albania

Amadeus IT Group  Spain

UNWTO Algarve Forum - Tourism and Science: Bridging Theory and Practice


Tivoli Marina Vilamoura, Algarve
1 June 2011 - 3 June 2011

Over 300 representatives from the private and public sector were joined by prestigious academics to establish a consensus on tourism strategies for the next decade and beyond. The UNWTO Algarve Forum on Tourism and Science: bridging theory and practice,co-organised by the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), its Knowledge Network programme and the University of Algarve, was held on 1-3 June 2011 in Vilamoura, Portugal.

This important event intended to bridge theory and practice in three main areas: (A) Development and Competitiveness, (B) Climate Change and Sustainability, and (C) Governance and Tourism Policy.

Concluding several months of on-line discussions, the UNWTO Algarve Forum stressed the significance of participation and efficiency in tourism governance as well as the need to develop new indicators to measure real effects of tourism on development and its impacts on climate change.

The UNWTO Algarve Forum discussions were organized by the UNWTO Knowledge Network with the able support of one of its most active members, the University of the Algarve. Participants agreed to establish a platform to carry forward the work initiated during the last few months within the UNWTO Knowledge Network and the Forum, and build a community of knowledge on tourism, providing a framework of support for policy-making on development, governance and climate change goals. The results are to be translated into a set of guidelines and policy programmes known as the UNWTO Algarve Consensus.


To read the three executive conclusion papers of the Forum, please download the documents below.

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