Becoming a Member

Who can join?

Becoming a Member of the Knowledge Network

Open to UNWTO Affiliate Member institutions, organisations and enterprises involved in research, development and innovation related to tourism.

Applicants will be expected to comply with the following criteria:

  • Benefit of a corporate status as a public, NGO, commercial or public/private entity with a mission directly linked to tourism related knowledge creation or application.
  • Provide evidence of current or previous production or dissemination of tourism knowledge related studies or application activities.
  • Demonstrate that a minimum of one full time professional staff is engaged in tourism knowledge research activities.
  • Expressly declare in its statutes, mission, institutional objectives or other materials an institutional commitment to the UNWTO Global Code of Ethics for Tourism.
  • Current membership in the UNWTO Committee of Affiliate Members

Are you interested in joining our Knowledge Network?

Should you be interested in joining the UNWTO Knowledge Network, please complete both the preliminary application form and member profile form below to tell us more about your institution, and send an electronic copy to 

Please note that, by completing and signing the preliminary application form you will become a candidate of the UNWTO Knowledge Network pending approval by UNWTO.


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