Upcoming events

Fri 11 Sep 2015 General Assembly - Twenty-first session: Side Events - Medellín - Colombia
Fri 11 Sep 2015 UNWTO Forum on Talent Development in Tourism: Investing in Youth - Medellín - Colombia
Sun 13 Sep 2015 UNWTO Special Session with the UNWTO Ulysses Laureates - Medellín - Colombia

Latest news

31 Aug 15
Press Release
UNWTO General Assembly to meet in Medellín, Colombia
The Assembly takes places at a most dynamic time for the tourism sector. With five consecutive years of robust growth, tourism has been a major contributor to the economic recovery in many parts of...
07 Jul 15
Press Release
UNWTO strengthens ties with its Affiliate Members
The MoUs aim to enhance collaboration between UNWTO and the respective Affiliate Member in the areas of research and the promotion of best practices. In particular, the future cooperation activities...
02 Jul 15
Press Release
12th UNWTO Awards open for applications
Since 2003, the UNWTO Awards recognize knowledge creation, dissemination and innovation in tourism, seeking to highlight the sector’s transversal effect on governance and society at large. So far,...
28 May 15
Press Release
World Committee on Tourism Ethics proposes International Convention on Tourism Ethics
The transformation of the Global Code of Ethics into a full international convention as a means to boost the responsibility of governments in this field and advance the impact of the Code was the...
16 Apr 15
Press Release
Global Travel & Tourism leaders set landmark agenda for growth
Launched at the World Travel & Tourism Council Global Summit in Madrid “Powering Travel & Tourism into the Next Decade: An Agenda for Growth and Development”, is a landmark manifesto setting...